Lokal is never more beautiful than when our entrepreneurs come together to find ways and means to beat the odds.

Our online platform, Punch, seeks to support them in this endeavour by providing them with the tools and network they need as they set off on their growth journey.

At MCB, we believe that a strong, vibrant and dynamic local economy will make the post-COVID-19 economic recovery more sustainable. Punch aims to act as an enabler by helping entrepreneurs connect the dots and collaborate, because together, we are stronger.

Dominic Provençal
Head of Business Banking - MCB Ltd

What is Punch?

Punch is a multi-sided platform developed by the Mauritius Commercial Bank Ltd (MCB). It is open to all local entrepreneurs from micro businesses to mid-market enterprises. Punch enables the community of entrepreneurs to access new markets, opportunities and alternative sources of finance, acts as a knowledge centre for entrepreneurs and supports them in their development. The Punch team consists of experienced entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, who have a deep understanding of the Mauritian business landscape, its challenges and opportunities, and who are passionate and dedicated in helping local entrepreneurs grow and thrive!

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